What is your good name?

I still hear Indians saying, “What is your good name, sir?” (Sometimes, it is “sirji”.)

Stop translating from your Indian language, such as Hindi – “aap ka shubh naam kya hain?”

Although you were brought up to be polite in India, you are going to confuse foreigners, who don’t have good or bad names.

If you don’t want to say, “What’s your name?”, just shake hands and say “Hi, my name is Monnanda Appaiah Deviah” and they will respond with their name, or their jaw will drop and say “I beg your pardon?”.

One comment on “What is your good name?

  1. Or you can ask what my friends always asked when I was a child: What’s your “in trouble” name? (usually includes saying first, middle, and last names in a harsh voice!)

    That was definitely not my “good name.” 🙂

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