The words “jewel”, “jewellery” and “jewellers” are commonly mispronounced. The “w” should be almost silent, i.e. “jooal”, “jooallery” and “jooalers”. This was brought home by a story in and this picture (credit to Mid-Day): The Marathi sign board uses … Continue reading

Coats or Quotes?

There is a good reason a “quote” is spelt differently from “Coat”. Simple. They are pronounced differently. “Quote” is pronounced “kwote” (क्वोट). “Coat” is pronounced “koat” (कोट)

Develop, developer, development

This is a commonly mispronounced set of words among the IT community in India. Develop Incorrect: डेवलप डेवलोप (emphasis in bold) Correct: डिवेलप (all syllables with equal emphasis) Developer Incorrect: डेवलपर डेवलोपर (emphasis in bold) Correct: डिवेलपर (all syllables with … Continue reading

V or W?

Indian languages (at least the North Indian ones) have only one letter “wa” (व) to cover the letters V and W, therefore many Indians mispronounce words that contain the letter “v”. The “wa” sound is made with the lips forming … Continue reading