Availing Leaves

A viral post on Facebook about the “slow cashier” provides this example of a common error made by many. Two errors, in fact, in one paragraph: He also said that she has enough leaves that could be availed (and get … Continue reading


Despite attempts by the Times of India group to change the English language, there is no such word as “upto”. It is two words, “up to”. Don’t believe it? Grab your trusty dictionary (provided that it wasn’t published by the … Continue reading

Comment or कमेन्ट?

Another common mispronunciation (मिसप्रोंन्सीऐशन) Incorrect: कमेन्ट Correct: कॉमेन्ट (Emphasis in bold) The “co” has a कॉ sound, not क. Isn’t English confusing? 🙂