When your car gets a puncture (increasingly called a “flat tyre” in the non-American parts of the English speaking world) in India, you open the “dicky” (“boot” in British-influenced countries), (“trunk” in America) and get the “stepney”. What’s a stepney? … Continue reading


I saw a concocted, unnecessary word – “vends”, used only in North India. It probably means “vendors”, which is the word to be used if communicating with educated people outside India.

Alphabets or letters?

The alphabet is a collection of letters, e.g. The English/Roman/Latin alphabet contains 26 letters. Incorrect: “Marathi uses the Devanagari script and contains 52 alphabets.” Correct: “The Marathi alphabet uses the Devanagari script and contains 52 letters.” Here is a typical … Continue reading

Is absconding

Only in India are criminals still absconding; everywhere else, they have absconded or are at large. Confused? Google this phrase “is absconding” (in quotes). The writers are nearly always from India or in India. Here is a recent article that … Continue reading