I have built this site as a way of giving back to the land of my birth, India.

This is a site for Indians who have a reasonable fluency in the English language. It does not attempt to teach the basics of grammar, punctuation, spelling and so on. I will endeavour to help Indian English speakers who wish to communicate with the rest of the world, particularly the English-speaking nations.

Great Britain left India in 1947 and the English language it left behind is largely preserved in some pockets, while American English has crept in. As a result, many young Indians have no idea which flavour of English they are using. Many of them couldn’t care less, but those who need to write or speak flawless English for their livelihood should know whether they need help to become perfect.

I was educated at one of the better schools in Bombay and presumed that my English was very good. I left permanently to live in New Zealand in 1973 and later moved to Australia in 1980. It took me some time to realise that the English used by well-educated people was not just different, but that my own English was sometimes flawed.

It wasn’t until I became a senior editor at Unisys and had to refer to the company style guides that I realised there were subtle nuances in the English language. I learnt the rule about when to use which and when to use that; how British English varied from American English, and so on.

Poor English isn’t confined to India by any means – you will find it in every English-speaking nation. Latterly, many Indians work in the website content-writing industry and, if I may generalise, they need to take more care in their delivery. Accordingly, I will try to use examples seen online.

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