Availing Leaves

A viral post on Facebook about the “slow cashier” provides this example of a common error made by many. Two errors, in fact, in one paragraph: He also said that she has enough leaves that could be availed (and get … Continue reading


When your car gets a puncture (increasingly called a “flat tyre” in the non-American parts of the English speaking world) in India, you open the “dicky” (“boot” in British-influenced countries), (“trunk” in America) and get the “stepney”. What’s a stepney? … Continue reading


The words “jewel”, “jewellery” and “jewellers” are commonly mispronounced. The “w” should be almost silent, i.e. “jooal”, “jooallery” and “jooalers”. This was brought home by a story in Mid-Day.com and this picture (credit to Mid-Day): The Marathi sign board uses … Continue reading

Coats or Quotes?

There is a good reason a “quote” is spelt differently from “Coat”. Simple. They are pronounced differently. “Quote” is pronounced “kwote” (क्वोट). “Coat” is pronounced “koat” (कोट)


I saw a concocted, unnecessary word – “vends”, used only in North India. It probably means “vendors”, which is the word to be used if communicating with educated people outside India.