Alphabets or letters?

The alphabet is a collection of letters, e.g.The English/Roman/Latin alphabet contains 26 letters. Incorrect: “Marathi uses the Devanagari script and contains 52 alphabets.” Correct: “The Marathi alphabet uses the Devanagari script and contains 52 letters.”

Is absconding

Only in India are criminals still absconding; everywhere else, they have absconded. Confused? Google this phrase “is absconding” (in quotes). The writers are nearly always from India or in India. Here is a recent article that is guilty of using … Continue reading

Comment or कमेन्ट?

Another common mispronunciation (मिसप्रोंन्सीऐशन) Incorrect: कमेन्ट Correct: कॉमेन्ट (Emphasis in bold) The “co” has a कॉ sound, not क. Isn’t English confusing?

Develop, developer, development

This is a commonly mispronounced set of words among the IT community in India. Develop Incorrect: डेवलप डेवलोप (emphasis in bold) Correct: डिवेलप (all syllables with equal emphasis) Developer Incorrect: डेवलपर डेवलोपर (emphasis in bold) Correct: डिवेलपर (all syllables with … Continue reading